Cultivate 2024

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Start Date
Wed, 12 Jun 2024
End Date
Wed, 12 Jun 2024
The Millennium Gallery in Sheffield
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Join us at the 8th annual Cultivated 2024 Conference, hosted by Sheffield University, on the 12th of June 2024

This event will bring together decision-makers from prominent to small-sized manufacturers, commercial producers, investors, cutting-edge technology providers, intellectuals, brands, and future food vanguards who want to increase their knowledge and footprint within the cultivate market. 

As innovators in this field, we showcased our expertise in helping SMEs ensure their products reach their maximum potential, from development to scale-up. Our accreditations include FSC2200, HACCP, and FDA registration (pending).


Alternative Proteins

At CPI, one of the UK’s leading RTOs, we play a pivotal role in driving innovations within the growing alternative protein market. We are committed to supporting our partners in developing a diverse range of end products, including cultivated meat and seafood, cultivated dairy products, and cultivated fats and oils.

Our expertise extends beyond product development, as we support companies with the processing and development of cell lines, cultivation media, and scaffolds. Our dedicated process engineering team can help you with the design, modelling, and optimisation of bioreactors and processes, ensuring that your manufacturing processes are both efficient and scalable.

Our offer:

Cell Line Development 

  • Process development for adherent, microcarrier and suspension-based systems
  • Media screening and optimisation of high-throughput, robotic systems
  • Recombinant growth factor production using our precision fermentation and downstream processes expertise and facilities.

Cell Culture Media

  • High throughput process screening and design of experiments using Ambr 250 robotic systems (including with perfusion and MS) to rapidly define optimal cell culture conditions and screen cell lines and media.

Process Development, Optimisation and Scale-Up

  • Lab-scale demonstration to evaluate scale-up and to develop robust mammalian cell culture process optimisation, up to 10L STRs and 25L rocking wave bioreactors
  • Pilot-scale demonstration using single use 50 L and 200 L STRs.

Formulation and Scaffold Development 

  • Formulation of bespoke, tunable bioinks and scaffolds (micelles and hydrogels) (eg, microencapsulation)
  • Material characterisation including texture analysis, testing of cell adhesion and compatability, and assessment of material properties (rheology, stability, and microscopy).
  • Surface modification of vessels or microcarriers.
  • Encapsulation of bitter flavours and novel structures i.e. nanoparticle for improved bioavaialbility.
  • Additive manufacturing including design and printing of3D structures for process equipment and meat products (paste extrusion and multilayer printing).

Process Safety and Engineering 

  • Process & Cost modelling including economic viability assessment, techno economic assessment, life cycle analysis as well as computational fluid dymamics
  • Process Design and Consultancy including bioreactor design and scale up
  • Process optimisation, troubleshooting, process characterisation and prototyping.

Downstream Processing

  • Lab-scale DSP proof of concept verification
  • Scale up of lab-scale processes to pilot and demonstration scale
  • Development of optimal and scalable DSP to isolate and purify target molecules.

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