Vi-CELL™ Cell Viability Analyser

The Vi-CELL™ Cell Viability Analyzer allows for the automated cell count of mammalian cells through the use of the trypan blue exclusion method.

The system allows for the support of cell culture processes through the measurement of viable cell count, total cell count, viability and mean cell size. With two stand-alone systems and two integrated into our ambr® 15cc and ambr® 250 systems, key process parameters can be measured off line as well as measured at-line during high-throughput cell culture processes. 


  • 12-position autosampler for medium throughput analysis
  • Customisable cell types for analysing diverse cell species
  • Samples within 5010E3 to 1 x 10E7 cells/​mL range require no dilution
  • Integration with ambr 15® cc and ambr®250 for real time cell analysis and process control
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