Sartorius BIOSTAT® B-DCU and Infors-HT Labfors 5 microbial bioreactors

The six 10L stirred-tank microbial bioreactors (3x Sartorius BIOSTAT® B‑DCU Univessels & 3x Labfors 5 vessels) support both robust microbial process optimisation and intermediate-scale material generation activities.

The 10L bioreactor systems act as an essential transitional link between small scale optimisation and pilot-scale production, enabling continuous process improvement in a cost-effective and low-risk manner. These systems act as a vital platform for use in technology transfer activities from both small scale flask-based processes and larger-scale industrial ones, utilising both batch and fed-batch strategies. Such systems can applied across a range of product types including recombinant proteins, inclusion bodies, FABs and virus-like particles. 


  • 6 individually controlled glass stirred-tank bioreactors with advanced dissolved oxygen cascade systems, agitation, temperature, gassing (N2, air and O2) and pH control 
  • Integrated Hamilton Dencytee probes for online measurement of biomass
  • Off-gas measurement of O2 and CO2
  • Up to 10 L working volume
  • Integrated scales for automated liquid addition 
  • Data logged and controllable through MFCS4 (Sartorius) and Eve (Infors-HT) control software
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