Perkin Elmer Zephyr® G3 NGS Workstation

The Zephyr G3 NGS workstation is a fully enclosed user-friendly benchtop liquid handler with integrated laboratory hardware, designed for next-generation sequencing library preparation.

The flexible system can be used for a range of molecular assays; including qPCR preparation, volume and concentration normalisation, indexed library pooling, plate preparation and next generation sequencing library construction, all benefitting from reduced variability observed with manual pipetting. The benchtop system can be used with validated methods, or custom methods can be written depending on the requirement. 


  • Flexible 12 position deck which is able to accommodate ample consumables
  • Capable of accurately pipetting 1 – 200 µl 
  • Two on deck thermal heaters, one with shaking capable of temperatures of 4 – 70°C and a static thermal heater capable of temperatures 4 – 110°C
  • Versatile system with pre-developed application templates and also the flexibility to custom make methods
  • Gripper can be used to move consumables and facilitates automated deck reorganisation
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