The micro-matrix is a high-throughput system for the rapid screening and optimisation of both mammalian and microbial processes at microtitre scale.

The system offers independent process control of an individual well in a 24-deep well format which can be used as a scale-down model of small scale bioreactors. The system positions itself as an early stage process development tool which can be used for rapid screening experimentation, process development and optimisation studies. 


  • Independent temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen control per well (plate wide gradient)
  • Orbital shaker for mixing
  • Individual liquid additions (including feeding profiles)
  • Independent gas supplies (air, N2, 02CO2)
  • Independent PID controller for temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Advanced control strategies with cascade control for up to 5 actuators 
  • Working volume of 1 – 7mL
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