Cedex Bio HT

The Cedex Bio HT analyser is a high-throughput system which allows for the in-process analysis of a wide range of analytes associated with mammalian, microbial and yeast culture systems.

The system is based on enzymatic assays which utilises supernatant samples to generate highly reliable and accurate measurements through the analysers photometric technology. The system allows for full process control across mammalian and microbial processes with the in-process measurement of growth critical components, toxic by-products and products generated. 


  • Two segregated Cedex Bio HT systems for the analysis of mammalian and microbial samples
  • High-throughput system which allows for 90 samples and 32 cassettes on-board at one time
  • 260 – 400 tests can be measured per hour
  • 50 – 800 tests per analyte cassette
  • Minimum sample volume of 100µL (2 – 20µL consumed)
  • Automated sample dilution
  • Extensive repoitre of analyte measurements including: Glucose, glycerol, ammonia, LDH, Lactate, ammonia, glutamine, glutamate, IgG, mouse IgG, total protein, ethanol, magnesium, cholestrol, phosphate, acetate, calcium, optical density, formate, pyruvate, galactose, sucrose and fructose.
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