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CPI Enterprises fuels deep tech entrepreneurship

Here’s how CPI Enterprises connects investors and entrepreneurs across the UK to stimulate the growth of advanced technology companies.

Hannah Wade

Hannah Wade

Managing Director, Enterprises

CPI Enterprises, the venture capital and investor engagement arm of CPI, connects investors and entrepreneurs across the UK to stimulate the growth of advanced technology companies.

One of our investments is in Q5D, which leverages additive manufacturing and 5‑axis robotics to revolutionise the production of the wire harnesses used in multiple applications, from electric vehicles and aircraft to white goods and consumer electronics. Production of these essential components remains predominantly manual and labour-intensive. As a result, manufacturers have had difficulty meeting rising demand while accommodating supply chain disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine.

We’re working with Q5D to develop model ink formulations for its non-contact additive deposition method, coupling knowledge of material properties with process parameters to provide a better ink selection. We are also rigorously characterising commercially available inks to ensure they fit the required characteristics identified by Q5D for its prototypes and final product designs.

Innovative proteins

Qkine, a manufacturer of animal-free, bioactive and innovative proteins and growth factors for life science applications, closed a funding round of £4.3 million in support of its proprietary protein production and engineering processes. The company’s route to unique and high-purity products will tackle fundamental biological and production challenges for the fast-growing stem cell, regenerative medicine, and cellular agriculture sectors.

Revolutionising e-waste

CPI Enterprises is the Commercial Development Partner for Descycle, a company which is commercialising a revolutionary new approach to the treatment of e‑waste. It is using a class of chemicals termed deep eutectic solvents (DES) as an alternative to conventional roasting and smelting operations. Correctly formulated, DES can dissolve different metals in a targeted and less toxic recycling operation, unlocking value in materials that have historically been uneconomic to process.

We’ve invested in Descycle to help it transition the DES process from lab-scale to commercial plant operation. Descycle expects its technology to offer a clean, modern alternative to century-old recycling processes, revolutionising how industries transition to a net zero low carbon economy.

This article was originally published as part of CPI’s 2022/23 annual review, a summary of our incredible work in the UK innovation system. To read the full review, click here.

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