Developing novel solutions to fulfil agriculture industry needs.

Our AgriTech innovations are building a more efficient and sustainable model of future farming

New technologies are improving yield and profitability across agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture.

No one said adapting the oldest technologies in the world would be easy, but we’re excited about the possibilities.

We’re helping forward-thinking companies optimise their products, maximise their productivity and accelerate their AgriTech solutions along the pathway to commercial manufacture and market integration.

Our work to-date includes developing processes to produce fungal-based products, livestock probiotics and insecticidal proteins to increase global agricultural productivity. And by integrating connected digital technologies, we’re driving innovation in smart farming practices.

Most agricultural products and processes use harmful chemicals that may cause long-term damage to biodiversity, soil, waterways and crops. That’s why we’re using our biotechnology expertise to help replace traditional chemicals with biological alternatives that reduce environmental damage.

What's challenging about commercialising AgriTech innovations?

Sustainable agriculture is necessary for the survival of people and our planet. The global population is expected to rise from 7.5 billion to 9.7 billion in 2050. As the soaring population drives greater competition for land, innovative AgriTech is crucial to ensuring food security. Sustainable approaches are needed to maximise yield whilst protecting our limited natural resources for future generations.

        How is CPI enabling AgriTech solutions?

        We’re at the forefront of emerging biotechnologies, novel materials, big data and the Internet of Things. We apply a circular economy approach to solving agriculture’s challenges, and with our support, these technologies are allowing the industry to make the leap to more effective and sustainable practices.

        Our world-class facilities and expertise across a range of technology platforms allow you to develop, scale-up, demonstrate and prove your innovative AgriTech products and processes.

        We can help you to increase processing efficiency and scale-up synthetic and bio-derived ingredients, such as actives, polymers, surfactants and thickeners. Our wealth of formulation experience supports the development of complex liquids and solids such as fertilisers, seed coatings, biostimulants, chemicals for crop protection, and plant and animal probiotics. We can guide you through the development of biological actives, enzymes and whole cells, and produce large volumes of materials for application testing and field trials.

        Beyond our manufacturing expertise, we share our deep knowledge of the innovation journey, convene partnerships and help to secure funding to reduce capital investment and speed up time to market.

        CPI's AgriTech capabilities

        Our facilities and expertise across the AgriTech sector can help accelerate your sustainable solutions toward commercial manufacture.

        Formulation development

        Strain development, process development and optimisation

        Actives and co-formulants

        Enhanced product stability

        Scale-up and demonstration of bioprocesses

        Next-generation sensors

        Internet of Things and RFID/NFC-enabled technologies

        Photo of Jenny Readman Business Development Manager at CPI

        Jenny Readman

        Business Development Manager, CPI

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