Using continuous bioprocessing to improve manufacturing

The UK is currently on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, and integration of industrial digital technologies (IDTs) into manufacturing is key to fully realise economic benefits available to manufacturing and UK PLC. As biopharma matures, the industry will increasingly need to find ways to maintain competitiveness by ensuring affordability and quality. IDTs developed will be immediately applicable to bioprocessing to realise cost savings in biotherapeutic manufacturing, facilitating the adoption of continuous manufacturing in the high value biologics sector, while creating an IDT toolkit to support modular manufacturing across multiple sectors, whether batch or continuous.

In this webinar we discussed two case studies using predictive & prescriptive maintenance, machine learning and advanced process control approaches for continuous bioprocessing to improve manufacturing, reduce process development timelines and costs associated with drug development and manufacture.


  • Industry challenges around process control and an overview of the output from projects aimed at overcoming these challenges
  • Impact of predictive and prescriptive maintenance through the exemplification of specific unit operations (filtration/​chromatography)
  • The value of machine learning and advanced process control approaches to control pH and DO in bioprocesses
  • Question and answer session

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