Pushing the boundaries of viral vector process development

Gene therapy holds great promise in transforming medicine and providing options for patients who are living with difficult and sometimes incurable diseases. Viral vectors are one of the most effective ways of delivering gene therapies and are used in approximately 70 percent of the cell and gene therapies that are currently under trial. With many new gene therapies in the clinical pipeline there is a need to look at how the cost of treatments can be lowered and how manufacturing processes for viral vectors can become more efficient with increased productivity.

Producing viral vectors as gene delivery vehicles requires specialised process development and manufacturing scale up strategies. In this webinar we will discuss the use of viral vectors in gene therapy, how viral vectors are manufactured and opportunities to push the boundaries in viral vector processing.

We will talk about:

  1. What are viral vectors and how are they used in gene therapy?
  2. The potential for viral vectors to transform medicine
  3. How viral vectors are manufactured and the current challenges in this area
  4. How can we push the boundaries of viral vector processing?

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