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Project IMPACT

Project Details

Start Date
01 Oct 2018
End Date
31 Mar 2022
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About Project IMPACT

Innovative Materials via Precision Additive Coating Technologies (Project IMPACT).

CPI are delivering this project on behalf of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) who are providing funding for Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to develop innovative new products and processes suitable for 3D printing or precision layering technologies.

‘Bottom-up’ or Additive Manufacture enables precise control of the active components with respect to both amount and surface position” said Dr Graeme Cruickshank, Director of Formulation at CPI. The materials used commonly represent 90% of the cost base and hence precise control of the materials and how they are positioned yields both enhanced products but also potentially significant cost savings.”

This method of manufacture can be used for prototypes and bespoke or low volume products as well as a variety of specialist printed materials. Through this project, CPI can assist SME’s to utilise expertise and technologies that can turn ideas into reality. This technology platform is applicable to SME’s for a wide variety of final products including, but not limited to:

  • precision engineered parts,
  • corrosion resistant coatings,
  • nano-enhanced inks,
  • active surfaces (including sensors), and
  • multi-layer structured materials, including composites (i.e. materials integration).

In summary the overall approach is to design products which can be manufactured with minimal processing and optimal use of scarce resources. An additional benefit of this approach will be minimised energy usage within manufacture and inbuilt design for end of use recycling.