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The Future of Automotive

As societal and economical expectations move the consumer automotive market towards improved safety, interactivity and enhanced driver experience coupled with low-energy, low-carbon and high efficiency vehicles, printable electronics can help to address these market needs in a non-obtrusive, visually satisfying way.

Improving your driving experience

With the potential for improved control and operation through printed sensors, conformable, integrated displays and ambient organic internal and external lighting, printable electronics will provide users with a new and improved driving experience.

A 3D render of a futuristic car


Utilising Organic LED technologies for lighting reduces potential weight and production costs and increases useable interior space by integrating electronics within internal and external panelling. The flexible and conformable nature of the technology means that previously unachievable design elements can become a reality. Lighting is switchable and responsive enabling each light to have a wider range of functionality.

A 3D render of a futuristic car


Printed sensors integrated into the vehicle can be used to measure pressure, movement and monitor structural integrity, as well as activating entertainment systems. Embedded touch and touch less’ sensing will open the opportunity to a number of new design features and adapt the cabin environment to driver and passenger needs. Intelligent mobility will be achieved through external sensing for parking, monitoring of pedestrian presence and lane management.

A 3D render of a futuristic car


Organic photovoltaics (solar cells) are a flexible, conformable and transparent future power source for the automotive industry. The cells harness power from the sun to supplement the car’s on board supply without hindering the design and look of the vehicle.

A 3D render of a futuristic car


Organic LED (OLED) technologies will increase use of in-cabin displays for entertainment and information. Their conformable nature means that entire dashboards may become interactive displays. Coupled with sensor technologies, these developments could lead to exciting new opportunities for the premium automotive market.

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