John Kavanagh

Chief Information Officer, CPI

John is the Chief Information Officer and a member of CPI’s Executive Leadership team. In his role as the company's Chief Information Officer, he is responsible for driving the company's digital transformation strategy and ensuring the robust and secure digital infrastructure is operational across CPI.

John is an experienced IT professional with a career spanning civil & structural engineering, the energy sector and automotive manufacturing - designing, delivering and supporting global computer systems to drive productivity and performance.

Prior to joining CPI, in his early career, he worked for Mott MacDonald where he was involved in several large engineering projects and ultimately spent 2 years working in East Asia before returning to the UK to study Computer Science at Teesside University. After graduating, he worked in the energy sector supporting the deployment of computer systems facilitating power generators to transition through the deregulation of UK electricity generation. After this, John joined Nissan in Europe where he held several roles within IT before moving into Organisation Development and ultimately had the title of OD Director – Cultural Transformation.

John’s understanding of digital technology, experience of continuous improvement, and process-driven mindset enable him to translate complex business scenarios into integrated digital solutions allowing us to evolve and grow in line with our strategic vision as one CPI.

John Kavanagh - Chief Information Officer, CPI
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