Dave Tudor

Managing Director, Pharmaceuticals, HealthTech & Quality, CPI

Dave is the Managing Director of Pharmaceuticals, HealthTech & Quality.

Prior to joining CPI Dave worked for GSK. He joined the company in 1992 as a PhD Chemist from Glasgow University. He has over 20 years’ experience at GSK carrying out a number of Technical, Compliance and Manufacturing leadership roles. In 1997 he moved to Irvine to take up a lead chemist role before coming Quality Control Manager in 1998. He joined the site leadership team in 2001 to run Technical Development before moving to manufacturing as Actives Production Director in 2005.

During this time he completed a Masters degree in Manufacturing Leadership at Cambridge University. In 2007 he moved to GSK House to work on a central network re-structuring project before becoming Site Director at Montrose in October 2008. At Montrose, he led the transformation of the site to manufacture over 12 products for GSK including a major investment programme. In 2011 he was appointed VP Primary Supply Chain with responsibility for global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacture and supply, a network of GMS sites across the world including facilities in Asia and Europe. In 2017 he was appointed VP Head of GMS Strategy with responsibility for manufacturing strategy, deployment of strategic programmes, performance management and advocacy.

He plays an active role with a number of Governments and is currently co-chair of the Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group.

Dave Tudor - Managing Director, Pharmaceuticals, HealthTech & Quality, CPI
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