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Do you want to speed up development of your formulated inks and coatings?

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Next generation formulated inks and coatings

Whether reformulating existing product lines or developing something new, our complete service solution can help you overcome scale-up challenges to bring your innovative products to market faster.

By working with CPI, you will benefit from:

  • multi-disciplinary formulation capability applicable to multiple sectors
  • industrially-relevant expertise in formulation science, high throughput experimentation, characterisation and testing

Leading expert support for industry growth

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Reliable decisions with minimal risk

Get to market with less risk by understanding your optimal formulation through faster sample analysis on a smaller scale.

Leading Expertise

Through our industrially relevant expertise in formulation science, high throughput experimentation and characterisation, we will recommend improvements and next steps.

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Robust Data Generation

By screening a large sample set against known factors of interest, we generate a large quantity of robust data, fast, and free from human error.

Dedicated Innovation Asset

We provide state of the art high throughput, characterisation, and testing equipment to ensure ink and coating formulations perform as expected during application.

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Our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise

Capabilities, facilities and expertise

Our capabilities 

Our capabilities

Our unique formulation capabilities and cutting-edge facilities:

  • Chemspeed Formax and Swing High Throughput Experimentation platforms, capable of a wide range of automated dispensing and testing of liquids and powders.
  • Extensive characterisation capability to determine physical, chemical, and conductive properties as well as accelerated and automated shelf life and stability testing.
  • Automated drawdown for the deposition of coatings at various thicknesses on a variety of substrates combined with a multitude of surface testing techniques such as surface wetting, surface hardness, surface gloss, and mechanical strength.
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Our innovation know-how 

Our innovation know-how

Our extensive innovation process knowledge can help you:

  • Gain first-to-market advantage for inks, paints and other coatings with novel functionality and new intellectual property and licensing opportunities.
  • Develop new products or to reformulate and optimise with more cost-effective or fewer ingredients.
  • Reduce or eliminate materials and meet regulatory standards, reformulate to include eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients and reformulate for multi-functionality.
  • Increase supply chain optimisation and robustness, while minimising raw material palette globally.
  • Experiment in a neutral and flexible testing ground where material suppliers and formulators can come together to generate data they can trust.
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CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.