TSB: High Value Manufacturing Strategy Published

10 Jul 2012

The HVM sector is a major contributor to the global and UK economies, however increasingly globalisation has led to a shift in the manufacturing base to countries with lower labour costs.

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The UK government seeks to increase its investment in high value manufacturing to ensure that the country reduces its dependence on the service sector. Sustainability in manufacturing will form a central part of the TSB’s approach.

In the strategy the TSB groups 22 key competencies in UK manufacturing into the following five themes (see pages 10 – 11 of the strategy document for full details): 1.Resource efficiency: including energy generation and storage, lightweight vehicles, and synthetic biology; 2.Manufacturing systems: including miniaturisation, systems modelling, and the human/​machine interface; 3.Materials integration: including smart materials, and development of advanced coatings; 4.Manufacturing processes: including flexible, adaptive manufacture and additive manufacturing; 5.Business models: including managing fragmented value chains, and developing new business models

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