Thermacore Ltd

05 Feb 2012

CPI helped Northumberland based SME, Thermacore, develop bids and shape consortia to secure €6.1M FP7 grant finance for the largest collaborative nanofluid project in Europe, NanoHex.

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Following the rejection of an initial Framework Seven Programme (FP7) bid, Thermacore Ltd enlisted CPI’s help for the resubmission of an FP7 bid for project NanoHex; which aims to develop a revolutionary cooling system for a range of industrial applications.

After careful consultation with Thermacore, CPI determined that the initial bid was rejected for its focus as a pure research project research and established that a successful submission would have to demonstrate the early development of the nanofluid itself.

As none of the preliminary consortia possessed a relevant experience of nanofluid coolants, CPI successfully negotiated the addition of Dispersia Ltd to the consortia; a market-leader in the development of advanced thermal transfer fluids and nanoparticle technologies.

By engaging CPI, Thermacore gained access to their Enterprise Europe Network, European funding expertise and expert bid managers. CPI provided Thermacore with strategic advice, coaching and hands-on assistance to the NanoHex project, including writing and refining the bid, conducting market research and strengthening the consortia. Upon the second submission, CPI helped Thermacore to secure €6.1million grant funding for the NanoHex Project under the EU’s FP7 programme.


CPI’s expertise in shaping and managing substantial funding bids helped to secure €6.1million Seventh Framework Programme [FP7] grant for the NanoHex project, of which Thermacore was awarded €1million. As an SME, finding the funding to develop new technologies can be difficult. The grant has not only helped to relieve the financial constraints faced by Thermacore but the project has enabled them to access to a wealth of expertise as they collaborate with leading organisations across Europe. Thermacore is now the lead partner of a twelve strong consortia, from six different countries, in the biggest ever project for the research and development of nanofluid coolants. By combating heat build up in high tech industries with an innovative nanothermal fluid, NanoHex hopes to unlock new development possibilities for more compact, lightweight, energy efficient and environmentally friendly processes and products. The resulting technology will allow Thermacore to stay significantly ahead of their competition, ultimately resulting in an increase in sales for the business. NanoHex has already opened new doors and as the project progresses, the technology developed and the collaborative relationships formed will help Thermacore to unlock unique opportunities in new market sectors. The project grant has also enabled Thermacore to create 2 new positions.

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