CPI’s Silent Sensors Innovation Integrator Analysis

08 Sept 2016

CPI has worked with Silent Sensors on a new product development programme aimed at improving existing antennae designs and incorporating printed sensors into the tyre-making process and supply chain.

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As part of the development programme, CPI undertook an Innovation Integrator® assessment on Silent Sensors to evaluate the state of the business, in terms of identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and pinpointing the next steps required to progress innovation.

UK-based Silent Sensors has developed new technology, products and services to manage tyre safety, maintenance and manufacturing. 

Its technology tracks and manages tyres from the manufacturing process through to the supply chain and the road, with a continuous stream of data being collected in the cloud and presented on the driver’s dashboard, or as warnings to the driver on the road. 

Silent Sensors’ technology will become part of the tyre’s whole life-cycle, leading to safer roads, and a cleaner environment.

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