Progressing the Delivery of Hydrogen-Based Fuels

21 Dec 2012

Uniting 12 of the UK’s leading universities, SUPERGEN DoSH2 aims to radically improve the ways in which hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels are produced and delivered.

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Funded by the EPSRC (UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), research carried out by the three year project has included; alternative approaches to steam reforming; addressing a wider range of primary hydrocarbons (such as those considered as problem wastes) in order to source new distributed hydrogen; tuning the processes that deal with unusual primary feed stocks by reforming or other processes and the utilisation of electricity surplus to demand through electrolysis, improved gas separation membranes, more efficient liquefaction, the storage of hydrogen as ammonia, as well as investigating the overarching sociotechnical aspects.

CPI is working alongside SUPERGEN DoSH2 in order to help progress the development of their technologies by helping to engage with industry and is keen to hear from any parties looking to collaborate with the project

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