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NiTech-led project wins funds to develop new and innovative battery technology 

NiTech Solutions’ CatContiCryst wins funding from UKRI’s Faraday Battery Challenge to develop a new technology for Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. 

May 18 2023

Wearable technology for stroke survivors could help up to 50% of patients 

A first-of-its-kind wearable device for stroke survivors could help up to 50% of stroke survivors recover movement in their arms and hands. 

May 17 2023

Scaling up e‑waste recycling with Descycle investment 

CPI Enterprises invests in disruptive deep tech company, Descycle, who offer a clean and efficient metal processing alternative to traditional smelting. 

Mar 17 2023

New consortium aims to expand patient access to life-saving oligonucleotide therapeutics 

CPI is set to boost oligonucleotide manufacture through a £2.7 million 3‑year partnership with AstraZeneca, Novartis, and The University of Manchester. 

Feb 28 2023

UKRI funding for innovative battery manufacturing projects destined to secure the future of electric vehicles 

CPI will share £27.6 million in funding from UKRI’s Faraday Battery Challenge to deliver the next generation of batteries for electric vehicles. 

Jan 30 2023

CPI Enterprises invests in wire harness automation SME Q5D to support electric technologies 

CPI Enterprises, the venture capital and investor engagement arm of CPI, has made its latest investment into Q5D – a leader in wire harness automation. 

Jan 26 2023

One in five UK HealthTech SMEs head to US for product launch 

Up to 24% of UK-based HealthTech SMEs launch their innovations in the US, rather than the UK, due to its market size and favourable regulatory environment. 

Jan 11 2023

NeoVac and CPI partner to accelerate next-generation RNA vaccine technology to clinical trials 

We’re helping NeoVac fast-track its lipid nanoparticle technology to clinical trials, to make RNA products more transportable, and have fewer side effects. 

Dec 13 2022

Fabrication laboratory to advance customised FMCG installed at CPI 

DIY4U announces the successful installation of a fabrication laboratory at CPI, bringing us closer to customised fast-moving consumer goods. 

Dec 08 2022
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