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National Formulation Centre - Progress Update

19 April 2017

The new national innovation centre, based at NETpark, County Durham, will provide open access facilities and expertise for companies to develop, prove and scale-up their newly formulated products. Complex formulated products are abundant in both every day and industrial life, underpinning many sectors of the UK economy. Examples include perfumes, medicines, cosmetics, washing powder, processed foods, paints, adhesives, lubricants, composite materials and pesticides. The completed building will create an environment for innovation that will allow companies to be more efficient in their use of resources, and to accelerate the commercialisation of next-generation formulated products.

The construction work

The work on the National Formulation Centre is being carried out by Surgo Construction, which has a team of highly skilled workers developing the centre. The company has a proven track record when it comes to new builds, extensions and refurbishments throughout the North East. For more information on Surgo Construction please visit:

What’s been completed so far?

The building of the centre (phase 1 project) commenced on the 31st October 2016, and this is on track for completion towards the end of 2017. The steel frame of the building has been erected as well as metal decking on the first floor, the roof has also been installed. This means that work on the concrete floors can now begin. The electrical substation has also been installed, ready for the building to be connected at a later date.

Work in progress

The external supporting structures and brickwork to the damp-proof course are currently progressing. A damp-proof course is a barrier formed by membrane built into the walls of a building, required to prevent damp rising through the walls. Internal and external drainage is currently being implemented, and work to ensure the building is watertight has begun. The preparations have also commenced to cast the concrete floors.

What’s next?

The Surgo Construction team will continue to progress the internal and external drainage systems for the centre as well as completing the construction of the first floor and roof decking. All floors will also be concreted. Following this, the building’s external coating will be completed, including cladding.

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