Green Biologics Limited

09 Jan 2012

Green Biologics Limited (GBL) is a revenue generating industrial biotech company based in Oxfordshire aiming to become the world’s leading supplier of advanced fermentation technologies for conversion of biomass to renewable fuels and chemicals. The primary activity is to provide process technology for the production of butanol, a high-value chemical and which also holds great promise as an advanced biofuel.

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Core Focus

GBL exploits both its Clostridia culture collection and nonconventional microbes from high temperature environments. Thermophilic microbes and thermostable enzymes are robust, faster, more effective and cheaper than conventional microbes operating at ambient temperatures. GBL’s technology platform is based on a unique proprietary collection of anaerobes and thermophiles together with the skills for metabolic pathway engineering and fermentation. Butanol is derived from waste plant material (biomass) offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. 

The Project

GBL asked CPI to perform distillation seperations on fermentation broth from one of their proprietary processes. The data which this generated was important to understanding how their whole process would work at scale and also provided them with test samples of their products. GBL choose to perform the work at CPI as there were few places that could perform the work at the intermediate scale which was required. Also CPI had extensive experience of this type of distillation and could complete the project in the time scales required. Being able to tap into the open access assets at CPI meant that GBL did not need to spend extensive amounts of money on capital equipment. CPI’s location within the UK also meant that GBL could easily send one of their technical representatives to CPI’s site to be there at key stages of the project, and to have first hand experience of the distillation process. The project was very successful and provided both the data and the samples which were required.

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