Getting to Zero’ UK Materials and Manufacturing Industry’ ‑Industry Survey

20 Oct 2020

CPI has teamed up with UK FIRES who are looking to produce a follow up to the Absolute Zero’ report published by the UK FIRES programme in 2019 and debated at the House of Lords, setting out key ways to achieve net-zero emissions in UK Materials and Manufacturing by 2050.

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UK FIRES are carrying out a survey on UK companies’ plans for decarbonization. Join-in to put your company’s decarbonization programme in perspective and get new ideas to develop it. The survey will explore:

  • o Planning and target setting for decarbonisation
  • o Technology choices for eliminating emissions
  • o Readiness for decarbonisation opportunities and constraints

Are you a business involved in decarbonisation planning, and manufacturing process innovation, with a focus on the Materials and Manufacturing industry? The help us to help you. all responses will be treated as personal opinions, and not statements of company position.

Using the responses, UK FIRES will design and facilitate an innovation workshop for the survey participants with the aim of exploring pathways to net zero 2050 and key strategic choices on the way.

Results will be reported March 2021 and available for download from the UK FIRES project website.

Benefits for Participants

  • o Translate what UK’s commitment to net-zero emissions means for your business
  • o Assess how ready your business and supply chain are for decarbonisation
  • o See how your responses compare to others in the UK Materials and Manufacturing supply chains.


This survey is a part of UK FIRES, an ambitious EPSRC-funded programme for reaching net-zero 2050 using technologies that are commercially available today.

CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.