Fiberight develop sugar with industrial biotechnology

08 Jul 2015

In a collaboration under Innovate UK’s industrial biotechnology catalyst for late stage feasibility projects, the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has joined with UK-based SME, Fiberight Ltd, to research and develop solutions for producing sugar through industrial biotechnology.

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The project will, at demonstration scale, show the optimised enzymatic hydrolysis of Fiberight’s high performance cellulose, which is extracted from municipal solid waste, into a repeatable cellulosic sugar that is capable of replacing cereal crops for non-food applications.

The 12 month project, lead by Fibreright Ltd, will address the challenges of the supply chain for commodity sugar — a platform feedstock component for industrial biotechnology. The availability of a novel supply chain feedstock which is outside of the food vs fuel and ILUC debate will mitigate climate impact as well as easing supply chain bottlenecks and dependency on foreign import. MSW derived sugar supports UK-IB by offering security of supply from indiginous resources and at a stable price point.

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