Development of a Municipal Solid Waste to Biochemicals

12 Dec 2013

Fiberight is a leading edge clean technology company, focusing on the extraction of biomass from municipal solid waste and conversion to clean sugars for industrial biotechnology markets. In the US, Fiberight have developed a biorefinery platform to convert these sugars to fuel-grade bioethanol and biomethane.

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Service supplied

CPI will utilise its business, scientific and demonstration facilities to de-risk the Fiberight process to UK investors and support the deployment of the first waste-to-sugars process plant in the UK, in collaboration with Fiberight.

Fiberight has been working with CPI to Road Map its business proposition to the UK bioeconomy and UK waste management. It is hoped that the Fiberight process will stimulate Industrial Biotechnology by supplying cheap sugar feedstock and production of a range of biochemicals and biofuels. The Fiberight process will also alleviate major infrastructure issues in UK waste management, recover more recyclates, create jobs and support the drive towards low cost gas and electricity.

CPI will help to identify the commercial markets for Fiberight’s clean sugars product and bring together the biotechnology, bioenergy and the chemicals-using sector to cement these supply chains. Fiberight have instructed CPI to test its UK pilot facility, and collect data to feed into process simulation models to be carried out by CPI’s process engineering services. The collaborative project has many benefits including diverting waste from landfill, tackling climate change, provision and security of bioenergy to the UK network and creating a future flexibility to produce higher value bioproducts from clean sugars.

Fiberight Ltd CEO, Nick Thompson says CPI is proving invaluable at helping us to overcome the technical barriers and market concerns around delivering bio- products from waste sugars to end-user supply chains in the UK”.

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