CPI’s Graphene Application Centre Open Day

21 Sept 2017

CPI hosted an open day at its National Graphene Application Centre, with delegates from industry and academia shown its capabilities in the development of next generation, graphene enabled products.

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Graphene Temperature Sensors

Speakers at the event included Prof Ian Kinloch from the University of Manchester, Billy Beggs from the University of Central Lancashire and Tom Taylor from CPI

Graphene has the potential to transform many products. Its electrical and thermal conductivity, optical properties and mechanical strength could be used in a wide range of materials such as inks, coatings and composites, sensors, flexible screens, high-capacity batteries and ultra-fast transistors. Ultimately, the full potential of graphene and its possible applications are not yet known but CPI’s Graphene Application Centre will help UK industry to identify and exploit opportunities as they arise. 

CPI has a range of enabling technologies which support the development and integration of graphene into final products including coatings, composites, membranes and sensors. CPI’s techniques focus on the safe-handling, optimised dispersion and structuring of graphene into liquids and polymer substrates, and their translation into prototype products – all supported by characterisation and application testing. 

The Graphene Application Centre is located in close proximity to CPI’s Printable Electronics and Formulation facilities, and it is the ability to draw on the expertise and equipment within these complementary technologies that allows us to take graphene-enabled products through to prototyping and commercialisation, employing industrially-relevant applications testing and characterisation at every step.

Graphene Coated Plane
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