CPI collaborate with Calysta on gas fermentation

13 Jan 2016

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), who are part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Calysta (UK) Ltd have entered into a collaboration to develop the production process for FeedKind™ protein, a new fish feed ingredient to reduce the aquaculture industry’s use of fishmeal. The companies have been working on the feasibility study for this project since mid 2015, and Calysta have now received regional growth funding from the UK Government to enable a formal launch of the pilot scale project. Calysta is marketing FeedKind™ Aqua to the global salmon farming industry, in order that the aquaculture industry has the opportunity to further improve its sustainability profile as it grows to meet increasing global demand for fish protein.

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Frank Millar, CPI Operations Director, said ‘’We are delighted to have been awarded this challenging project that will enhance CPI’s core scientific and engineering knowledge of C1 gas fermentation. We have been working with Calysta over a number of months to demonstrate the strength of CPI’s team and partners, and the capability within the National Industrial Biotechnology Facility to support a long term pilot scale programme. Our ambition is to support Calysta in the full translation and development of their proprietary technology, in addition to providing high quality product for market testing. We are committed to building a successful partnership that will create long term value for both organisations’’.

Calysta President and CEO, Alan Shaw, said: The eRGF grant is a major vote of confidence for us from the UK Government. After looking at potential sites around Europe, we look forward to building Calysta’s first plant in Teesside.

Teesside remains an important centre for the process industry,” he added. We are keen to capitalise on the area’s commercial attractiveness, technical skills and research and development expertise. Our plant will not only provide a boost for the economy of North East England, but will also support the UK’s goal to become a world leader in the emerging industrial biotechnology sector by generating game changing technology in gas fermentation and synergistic applications.”

The project will enable CPI to integrate Calysta’s novel loop reactor with the National Industrial Biotechnology Facilities, extending the capability of the equipment and the skill of the scientific, engineering and operating staff. The CPI team will gain further expertise in gas fermentation, developing critical knowledge and know how at both laboratory and pilot plant scale. This project builds on CPI’s core mission to innovate with novel industrial processes which have the potential to transform the UK process sector.


About Calysta Calysta, Inc. (www​.calysta​.com), Menlo Park, CA, is an innovator in sustainable industrial products for food and energy security. Calysta has two business units. Calysta Nutrition develops and commercializes fish and livestock nutritional products. Calysta Energy is developing high value industrial chemical products with cost and performance advantages over current processes.

About FeedKind™ FeedKind™ protein – a natural, safe, non-GMO sustainable fish feed ingredient is approved for sale in the European Union.

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