CPI and TerraVerdae Prove PHA Biomaterial Manufacturing

02 Sept 2015

TerraVerdae BioWorks, an industrial biotechnology company developing advanced bioplastics and environmentally sustainable biomaterials, has successfully achieved key milestones for the economic, commercial production for its line of PHA-based biomaterials.

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In collaboration with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and funding from Innovate UK TerraVerdae has successfully scaled-up its biodegradable and biocompatible materials technology from laboratory pilot scale to 10,000+ litre capabilities, validating process scale up and production economics for commercial deployment. These include 10,000 litre production runs of the firm’s line of biodegradable, natural microspheres for use in personal care and cosmetic products, as a direct replacement for synthetic, non-degradable plastic microbeads.

TerraVerdae’s natural microspheres are a PHA-based biomaterial produced using a non-GMO, non-toxic, plant-associated process. TerraVerdae’s microspheres are intrinsically biocompatible and meet industry standards for biodegradation in a marine environment. TerraVerdae can produce microspheres in a range of sizes, in both smooth and coarse finishes, that feature high optical clarity and the mechanical characteristics to meet all requirements for cosmetic formulations.

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