Molecule and polymer OLED lighting demonstrators

23 May 2013

Manufactured on CPI’s OLED/OPV Prototyping Line, CPI have recently produced defect free OLED lighting demonstrators with emissive areas of greater than 250 cm². The device structure shown is hybrid in construction consisting of a solution processed hole injection layer, and a small molecule emissive layer deposited by a co-evaporation technique. Slot die coating technology has been utilised to provide a large area, defect free, thin film coating. An encapsulation process utilising glue dispense and getter placement completes the panel assembly to maximize lifetime and device performance.

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CPI’s prototyping line has been designed to enable the development and production of organic light emitting diode and organic photovoltaic technologies. Located within the new state of the art ISO Class 5 clean room facility, the prototyping line provides materials companies, device designers and end users with the opportunity to develop their technology within an automated and closely controlled environment.

CPI is currently involved in a number of collaborative programmes using this line.

OLAE + (Flexibilis) and TSB (HiPBE) will utilise the line to produce prototypes for the characterisation and development of high performance barrier layers. CPI’s technology roadmap is targeted at further advancing the development of flexible optoelectronic devices and on continuing to address many of the challenges required in scaling up this emerging technology to commercialisation. The line will also be used in projects to support demonstration of ultra-flexible active matrix (AM) OLED using CPI’s organic transistor technology.

CPI is the UK’s National Centre for Printable Electronics, focusing on the development, scale-up and commercialisation of printable electronics applications such as OLED displays and lighting. CPI is equipped with an extensive range of assets specifically chosen and developed to allow clients to understand how their products and processes perform under pilot manufacturing conditions. Optoelectronic clients include materials companies, device designers and end users involved in the lighting and PV sectors.

CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.