CPI Leads to Commercialise Sustainable Formulated Products

23 Jul 2018

CPI is heading a project focused on strengthening Europe’s leadership in the development and commercialisation of innovative sustainable formulated products.

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As part of the H2020 AceForm4.0 project, CPI is inviting individuals and stakeholders to join the EU Formulation Interest Group and influence future research funding in Europe.

Formulated products play a key role in the performance and growth of many markets critical to the success of Europe’s economy, such as consumer goods, engineering fluids, pharmaceuticals, coatings, inks, composites and advanced materials, as well as the food and drink sector. 

As a member of the EU Formulation Interest Group, colleagues will have the opportunity to contribute directly into the Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan, and gain access to AceForm4.0 project deliverables, including updates.

Members will also be able to influence potential future calls for Horizon Europe, with respect to formulated products, and connect with stakeholders and potential partners for consortium building. 

Glenn Ward, CPI Technical Services Lead, said: AceForm 4.0 is a subject that deserves our full attention.

Its aim is to strengthen Europe’s leadership in the development and commercialisation of innovative and sustainable formulated products.”

The EU Formulation Interest Group will feed into the AceForm4.0 Consortium, which is developing a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and associated Implementation Plan for Formulated Products in the context of Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy. 

The SRA and the Implementation Plan will make recommendations directly to the European Commission for targeting investment into key areas and topics that will address the opportunities and challenges faced by Industry in this space. 

To date, the consortium has facilitated six knowledge exchange workshops identifying drivers, trends, opportunities, technological barriers and common cross-sector challenges. 

Visit the AceForm4.0 website for more information about the EU Formulation Interest Group and join to become a Member.

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