CPI forms partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry to remove chemistry-related hurdles in early innovation

09 Jan 2020

CPI today announced a partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry as part of the latter’s Synergy programme. The Synergy programme aims to promote cross-industry collaboration by helping participating companies to tackle chemical science challenges that can hinder development. 

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When companies early in the innovation process face chemistry-related problems, it can be difficult to source the expertise needed to find commercially viable solutions. This issue is not limited to chemical science companies, but can also affect those working in diverse markets including aviation, medtech and packaging. 

The Synergy programme brings together companies that face similar technical problems, and – through focussed discussion with industry experts – identifies opportunities for collaboration. The topics covered by the programme are based on input from participants, and have thus far focused on reducing waste in the formulations industry and preventing corrosion via the use of non-metallic materials. 

CPI’s chemistry experts come from diverse industry sectors, and work throughout the company’s National Centres to solve many of the issues being highlighted by the Royal Society of Chemistry. With decades of experience in helping to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialisation, CPI is well positioned to support the Synergy programme. 

A key output of the programme so far is a report on polymers in liquid formulations – for example those used in shampoos, detergents, inks and adhesives. The report highlights how companies can work together to solve the key challenges in this area, and reduce the costs associated with product and process development. CPI was a crucial contributor to this forward-looking report.

Dr Jo Reynolds, Director of Science & Communities at the Royal Society of Chemistry, said: Collaboration is absolutely key to advancing the chemical sciences, and to solving some of the most pressing problems facing industry. I am very pleased that we are taking this next step forward. In signing a partnership with CPI, we hope to make even further progress in bringing together the right people to tackle these challenges.”

Nick Johnson, Commercial Director at CPI, said: The RSC’s Synergy programme provides a fantastic opportunity to tackle some of the common chemistry problems holding back many innovative companies. Following the programme’s spirit of collaboration, we are gladly supporting the RSC with our broad chemistry expertise, covering diverse sectors from agriculture to formulations.”

The Synergy programme is now seeking new topics to explore in the future. These must be complex chemical science-based challenges, relevant to multiple industries and sectors, on topics that businesses could collaborate on. If you would like to suggest a topic, please contact synergy@​rsc.​org.

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