CPI Dedicates National Centre to CFO Neville Hamlin

21 Nov 2016

CPI has dedicated the National Printable Electronics Centre to former Chief Financial and Operating Officer Neville Hamlin who passed away earlier this year. Neville joined CPI as Finance Director in 2008 when the company merged with CENAMPS. His outstanding talent was immediately evident, and he soon became the man-who-can’, where others failed. His ability to solve problems and enable people quickly became known, and he soon became a valuable asset to the company.

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Neville provided supreme technical competence, coupled with a personality and approach that instantly told you he was on your side. He cared about people and people cared about him.

Neville served CPI for ten years and gave us the benefit of his tremendous talent, outstanding people skills, can-do attitude, and friendship. He was universally liked, universally loved, and universally admired. He will be universally missed.

Neville helped shape CPI into the organisation it is today, and it is fitting that we have named the National Printable Electronics Centre in his honour.

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