CPI completes an investigation into polymers in liquid formulation (PLFs) market.

07 May 2021

A landscape view of the global PLFs market technical report was produced from an investigation into PLFs commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry and undertaken by CPI

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In consultation with industry, the investigation provides a global view of the PLF market and analysis of the current landscape across key markets. The work was part of the Royal Society of Chemistry Synergy programme, which brings together businesses working in different industries to tackle complex chemistry topics.

Our world is changing faster than ever before. That means businesses are facing new and tougher chemistry-based challenges; often affecting multiple industries and supply chains. We know that collaboration can develop better solutions to these challenges, and faster. That’s why the RSC created the Synergy programme, which brings together businesses working in different industries to tackle complex chemistry topics. Through the programme, businesses develop new ways of working collaboratively to reduce risks, cut costs and bring solutions to market faster.

Polymers in liquid formulations (PLFs) are a high value, critically important class of speciality chemicals worth $125.2 billion* to the global economy. They play a vital role in our society by improving food productivity, treating wastewater, protecting buildings, infrastructure and transport, as well as creating consumer products that promote health and wellbeing. Despite their importance to the global economy, and in contrast to the strong recent focus on the sustainability of plastics, there has been very little attention on the sustainability of PLFs.

The report is an important first step in addressing this issue, the report identifies a significant role for chemistry in developing solutions and describes three key opportunities to make PLFs more sustainable in the future.

The Royal Society of Chemistry will establish a PLF task force, which will convene industry to prioritise and progress these opportunities. RSC will call on manufacturers, formulators, and end-users of PLFs across adhesives and sealants, agrochemicals, household cleaning, inks and coatings, lubricants, paints and coatings, personal care, and cosmetics, and water treatment markets to work with us to catalyse action to develop sustainable solutions for PLFs.

For more information and to download A landscape view of the global PLFs market’ technical report please click the button below.

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