CPI Chemistry Partner KCMC works with Henry Royce Institute

05 Oct 2018

A chemistry sector research and development organisation working alongside CPI has announced a collaboration with the Henry Royce Institute for the upcoming Materials Accelerator Forum.

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The event, taking place on Tuesday, November 13, in Manchester, will help connect SMEs using materials chemistry in the development of advanced materials. 

The Henry Royce Institute, the UK national centre for advanced materials, has designed the forum to help SMEs connect with the UK’s largest portfolio of equipment and expertise in advanced materials research, simplifying and facilitating their route to commercialisation. 

A flagship for the accelerated discovery and development of new materials systems, the Royce represents nine founding partners across the UK.

KCMC is hosted by CPI and known for helping accelerate collaboration between business and academia in the chemistry-using industries

These include the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Imperial College London, as well as the National Nuclear Library and the UK Atomic Energy Authority. 

Each partner champions a core research area and works collaboratively with the other institutions to share their facilities and expertise.

The breadth of research covers areas including health and medicine, electrification of transport, improving electrical devices and safer air travel. 

Mike Holmes, Knowledge Transfer Manager at KCMC, which is hosted by CPI, said: We are proud to work with the Henry Royce Institute, and to help SMEs utilising materials chemistry in the development of advanced materials connect with the Royce and thereby accelerate their R&D programmes.”

The Henry Royce Institute building

Regius Professor Philip Withers, Royce Chief Scientist, added: Start-ups and SMEs are a driving force for innovation in materials in the UK, but it can be difficult for them to afford and access scientific support, particularly if they don’t have networks within universities and other research organisations.

The Royce wants to provide SMEs with open access to the research capabilities typical of a large multinational company.

Our facilities can be accessed at reasonable rates by SMEs, and we also provide funding for proof-of-concept research projects.”

The Royce's breadth of research covers a number of areas, including safer air travel

Through its extensive network of contacts, including SMEs using materials chemistry in the development of advanced materials, KCMC can complement the existing arrangements for business engagement at the Royce. 

KCMC has worked with the University of Manchester for more than nine years, helping it establish and deliver mutually beneficial collaborations with companies. 

This relationship means they can support the interaction of the institute with companies across a number of industrial sectors.

On November 13, the first Royce Materials Accelerator Forum will be hosted at the National Graphene Institute, in Manchester, and will welcome SMEs, funders, advisors and supporters from across the country. 

The forum is the first in a series of proposed events and will be a way for the community of SMEs to connect with leading academics and innovators. 

Find out more information at https://​www​.royce​.ac​.uk/​m​a​t​e​r​i​a​l​s​-​a​c​c​e​l​e​r​a​t​o​r​-​f​o​r​u​m​-​2018/

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