CPI and UCL launch new training collaboration

05 Sept 2012

CPI and the University College London (UCL) have launched a new training collaboration in the area of Industrial Biotechnology and Biorefining. The new module has been jointly developed as part of the UCL lead Modular Training for the Bioprocess Industries (MBI) Programme

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Uniquely, this module will be delivered at CPI in Wilton by UCL and CPI staff. It will be 3 days in duration (31 oct‑2 Nov 2012) designed to strengthen knowledge and provide practical insights into how to improve biocatalytic processes. It is suitable for process engineers, biocatalyst developers, biologists, chemists, research managers and consultants.

For further information regarding the course please visit the UCL website.

If you are interested in booking a place please contact Dr Karen Smith, Director of Bioprocess Leadership at UCL on:

Tel: (0)20 7679 4411

Fax:(0)20 7916 3943

E‑mail: karen.​smith@​ucl.​ac.​uk

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