Low cost, high quality, flexible production of products

27 Nov 2012

The Centre for Process Innovation’s (CPI) BioMod project is one of eleven winning bids that have secured a share of £125million from the state-led Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) it was announced yesterday. The BioMOD project will establish a next-generation bio-process for the UK’s industrial biotechnology sector allowing the North East to successfully compete in the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing supply chain. The project will be supported by partners from around the country including sector leaders and academia

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The first round of funding – amounting to £80m of joint public and private sector funds being invested in these 11 projects – will create or safeguard over 2,160 jobs according to the government. The BioMod project was the only project from the North East region to be selected in the first round.

North East England is helping to lead the way in biotechnologies, so I welcome the success of the BioMOD project to further strengthen the UK’s capability in this field,” said business secretary Vince Cable.

Over half the UK’s exports and almost three quarters of our business research and development activity is in manufacturing, so it’s vital that we create the right conditions to encourage growth in the industry.

The successful applications in AMSCI round one represent a high quality of projects that bring together businesses and forge new partnerships across various supply chains that will strengthen our presence in Europe and the world.”

Partners on the BioMOD project include, BioProcess Engineering Services, the Blyth-based National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) and the University of Leeds.

Dr Chris Dowle, Director of Sustainable Processing at CPI, said: The BioMOD project will facilitate lower cost, high quality, flexible production for continuous fermentation processes.

The platform will offer affordable infrastructure for sustainable manufacturing which addresses challenges for key sectors delivering lower capital costs, scalability issues, and lack of manufacturing capacity.

The BioMOD project engages the established manufacturing supply chain within the process sector enabling the industry to innovate and stay competitive in this high-growth global market.”

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