Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre strategy 2021 – 2024

Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre strategy 2021-2024

There is now, more than ever, a need to address global health challenges, equalise access to medication and streamline supply to patients. The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre aims to contribute to this goal by rethinking current manufacturing processes and innovating new technologies that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of global populations.

The Centre will enable new advanced technologies to be proven at scale in a GMP-compliant environment accelerating the commercialisation of more agile and sustainable manufacturing processes within the medicines supply chain.

The three-year strategy sets out the roadmap for the Centre to become an international beacon for translating advanced technology in all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain, across five key pillars of activity:

  • Commercialisation of advanced technologies
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Business growth
  • Sustainable technology leadership
  • Collaborations and partnerships.

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