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Photonics continues to revolutionise the healthcare industry, enabling novel treatment methods, more personalised care and faster, more accurate diagnoses to address the major healthcare challenges faced today.

Are you working on innovative medical device solutions for adoption by the healthcare community that will benefit patients? We understand that the healthcare industry has many barriers preventing the adoption of medtech devices and SMEs need support to drive their medtech innovation forward.

At CPI we provide specialist expertise and capability to enable you prototype, test, and scale-up your device ready for manufacturing production. Our wealth of experience in innovation for photonics technology and the healthcare market enables us to you drive your innovation forward. Our abilities in securing funding for partners enables the right partnerships, connections and funding routes at the right time, helping you to successfully navigate all the steps to commercialisation. 

The future is bright in photonics

Trends in the Medtech market are changing to meet the requirement for more personalised and less invasive care, moving away from hospital-based services. New approaches in imaging and diagnostics using photonics are helping to meet these challenges.

Companies with promising research and growth ambitions in healthcare photonics may need support with early-stage proof of concept research and scale-up of technologies or with testing, manufacturing, healthcare economics or regulatory systems advice for example. Eligible SMEs are able to access funded support for technical and commercial development and have access to specialist teams in design, engineering, manufacture and commercialisation. 



Medical device and In-vitro diagnostic devices from bedside to pathology lab.



Advanced imaging techniques for assistance in clinical procedures and diagnostics.



Photonics-based therapies for targeted disease treatment.

Photo of a technician using VR used alongside MRI scan

How do we make this possible?

In a unique combination of bio-labs and instrument development facilities, companies can immerse themselves in this dedicated medtech development environment with a multidisciplinary community of technical and commercial innovation specialists. 

The National Healthcare Photonics Centre is the cornerstone of our medtech capability. Companies can work alongside CPI staff in state-of-the-art laboratories for optics, imaging, design, printing, manufacture and sampling. From this flexible facility, clients can take up a number of services, including office space to be based within the new centre.

Photo of a 3D printer being configured

Device development

Quality is assured — we hold the EN ISO 13485 certificate, the quality management system required for medical devices, in order produce high quality, compliant products. Work with us on:

  • CAD design and modelling and prototyping
  • Electronic design, PCB development and manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing/​3D printing
  • Optical system design and development
Photo of two scientists collaborating in a lab

Test and validation

For pre-clinical validation, we have bio-lab and optical facilities for:

  • Optical characterisation techniques using advanced confocal microscopy, able to image cells through the volume of medical samples and produce high-resolution high-contrast 3D models of the samples. Optical laboratories are each laser-safe to Class 4 and equipped with an optical table
  • X‑ray imaging for testing and development in a controlled lead-lined radiation suite
  • Validation using liquid radioisotopes
  • Electronic test and patient simulators for verification and validation
Photo of imaging technology at CPI's Photonics facility

Analysis and characterisation

Our advanced analytical capability provides access to:

  • Image analysis and digital healthcare system interaction
  • Microscopic fluorescence imaging, high speed spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence intensity characterisation
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Why work with us?

Adding expertise to your team to complement the skills you already have help you to move forwards at an accelerated pace, enabling us to work with you, or work for you, depending on your requirements.

<p>Photonics and optics expertise</p>

Photonics and optics expertise

Adding expertise to your team around you and your needs helps you to move forward at an accelerated pace. We can work with you, or work for you, depending on your requirements to provide the most suitable support for your route to the medtech market.

<p>Efficient design, manufacturing and scale-up equipment and know-how</p>

Efficient design, manufacturing and scale-up equipment and know-how

Working with us reduces risk by minimising the need for capital investment on equipment. We operate with a focus on optimising design to reduce the cost of manufacture; enabling companies to gain an advantage in getting their design adopted in this complex and competitive market.

<p>Regulatory support and pre-clinical validation</p>

Regulatory support and pre-clinical validation

Work within our quality management system to develop your products for use within clinical trials and prior to CE marking. We can provide expertise and access to specialised equipment and facilities to enable pre-clinical validation of medical devices using photonics or electronic test equipment, x‑ray imaging and radio isotopes. We offer support from experts for the development of your medical device technical files.

<p>Accelerate medtech market adoption</p>

Accelerate medtech market adoption

Guiding companies through the complex regulatory and clinical testing environment is key for efficient market adoption. Our knowledge of the healthcare procurement processes assists companies to navigate the difficult path ensuring their product will be ready for market adoption, and where appropriate evaluation through NICE. Take advantage of network providing health economic expertise, supporting your value proposition. 

<p>Medtech business support</p>

Medtech business support

The experienced team provides medtech-specific business support through the development process, from initial concept through to adoption by the healthcare market.

We can co-write bid proposals, and through our established connections we can provide opportunities in consortium building with regional and national healthcare networks, and assist companies to secure finance.

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