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Unpacking the potential of smart packaging

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Here at CPI, we understand the challenges facing companies that wish to compete in a digitally-enabled world. Our teams can work with you to deliver novel solutions in packaging that reduce waste, promote a sustainable circular economy and enhance consumer engagement. We are here to support you every step of the way, from initial formulations and components, through to final products and scale-up.

Enhancing packaging to meet your business needs

With our support and experience in both advanced packaging materials and smart packaging, we ensure you are given the right tools to lower distribution costs, increase turnover, and improve sustainability.

Industry relevant expertise and assets

Delivering product development, proof of concept and scale-up services.

Expertise in securing funding for partners

Enabling the right partnerships, connections and funding routes at the right time.

Knowledge and application of innovation processes

Business services and consultancy to reduce risk and speed up time to market.

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Lowering costs of distribution 

With CPI as your innovation partner, you can benefit from better supply chain management and efficiency. Smart packaging enables improved visibility, enhanced security and reduced waste from warehouse to consumer. It also allows you to monitor demand for your products and plan manufacturing around this. Our expertise includes global track and trace, anti-tamper and anti-counterfeit measures, and location data to reduce loss of product. 

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Increasing turnover

Making your packaging smarter can provide a competitive edge to your business. Connected, intelligent packaging gives you access to user intelligence and trend data which improves demand forecasting and allows you to better understand your consumers and their habits. Enhancing consumer engagement, by offering a more personalised experience, encourages brand engagement and therefore improves turnover. Your consumers will benefit from tailored offers, easier communication with brands, and additional value such as recipe suggestions or local event information. 

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Improving sustainability

We are experts in advanced packaging materials to enhance sustainability and improve product shelf lives. Our capabilities in the area include incorporating additives or coatings into existing packaging materials, process development and analytical testing of novel packaging materials, and the development of recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and bio-derived packaging materials. We can promote recycling by identifying waste streams and providing consumers with return information, as well as promoting packaging re-use by adding smart functionality. Our team are experts in materials for the circular economy and can work with you to promote a sustainable future for the packaging industry. 

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