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  • Resource efficiency management
  • Intelligent logistics

Resource Efficiency Management

A rapidly increasing world population, competition for natural resources, increasing consumer demand for locally sourced products and transparency as to the origins of their food. Factors such as these mean that resource efficiency management and supply chain tracking are crucial in the food and drink industry.

CPI can help businesses to make their supply chains more flexible and profitable by piloting or demonstrating innovative processes or products for producers and distributors. We work with companies to help them identify and select the most efficient technologies, systems and processes and sustainably sourced resilient raw materials. In this way, we help our clients maximise the resource efficiency and overall effectiveness and sustainability of their products.

We have expertise in the implementation of big data information systems, which we apply to our clients’ individual supply chain. This enables them to confidently establish where they fit into the overall flow of materials, and realise opportunities for greater operational efficiency and cost reduction. Working with CPI, companies can capitalise on the industry shift towards localised manufacturing and understand how improvements in factory design can improve their own manufacturing processes.

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Intelligent Logistics

It is estimated that 30 percent of the world’s food production is wasted due to spoilage occurring from incorrect packaging and transit issues.

Food companies face a number of supply chain challenges for achieving transparency and traceability of their products and systems. There is a need throughout industry for companies to secure more effective monitoring and control of their foodstuffs, in order to enhance quality, increase shelf life, and reduce waste.

CPI has expertise in printed sensing and communication technologies with the potential to improve distribution, efficiency, validation and quality-control of food products.

The nature of these sensors permits autonomous operation and real-time monitoring of the processing of raw materials, not only in the factory and the warehouse, but through all stages of the supply chain. The technology can also be used for product validation against anti tampering in transportation, providing distributors and retailers with a cost effective solution that accurately determines whether a product has experienced abusive conditions. By offering such speed, precision and clarity, this form of intelligent sensing will significantly increase quality assurance within in the food and drink sector.

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