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Converting waste to energy

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As global demand for energy soars in response to a rising world population and increasing industrialisation levels in emerging economies, the pace of growth of sustainable and renewable energy sources must quicken if we are to keep the lights on, and meet the climate change reduction targets established in the Paris Agreement.

CPI is an expert in helping companies and academics develop and demonstrate the new technology and manufacturing processes required to secure the UK’s future energy requirements. We work across a range of technology platforms which can play a part in the development of viable, green, low carbon alternatives to current energy production.

Our world class National Industrial Biotechnology Facility is available for use on an open access basis, and offers companies the opportunity to develop and optimise processes for the conversion of waste biomass into valuable biofuels. These sustainable biochemical or biosynthetic alternative energy sources can be readily integrated into the existing supply chain without the need for large scale infrastructure reform, by blending with current fuels.

Widespread adoption of biofuels could revolutionise the energy sector, shrinking reliance on fossil fuels and oil based materials, and creating a closed loop manufacturing system where energy and resource waste are eliminated. We are actively engaged in a number of waste to energy projects which will reduce the level of waste to landfill and the associated costs of disposal, and find alternative valuable uses for waste streams.

CPI has specialist expertise in the development of novel printed solar cells which can be used to harness the next generation of solar technology. We are collaborating with some of the country’s leading photovoltaic technology companies to facilitate innovative solar panels that are thin, lightweight and conformable, enabling solar energy to be harnessed from new, previously unsuitable applications where flexibility, product shape and aesthetic value are important.

Having amassed a wealth of experience in bidding for public funding and managing publically funded projects, CPI is ideally positioned to partner with companies, academics or research institutions to help them access Government incentives for the development of environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Find out how we can help you

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