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Next Generation Electronic Technology

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Next Generation Electronic Technology

  • Flexible, lightweight display screens
  • Printed lighting
  • Flexible solar technologies
  • Intelligent sensing

Flexible, Lightweight Display Screens

CPI is working with several companies to demonstrate technologies which facilitate lightweight, high definition display screens that are as thin as a sheet of paper, and flexible enough to be wrapped around a pencil. Innovations in printable electronics and graphene mean that next generation display screens are now being produced on polymer films, opening up a host of opportunities for creative interior designers and architects.

Printed Lighting

Printed lighting will usher in a new era of interior design. The ability to print light onto curved surfaces, large or small, will mean that any building surface can be illuminated, whether it is the floor, ceiling, walls or seats. Printed lighting offers excellent energy efficiency, a wide colour palette and a thin form, which provides great design freedom and the ability to customise products for bespoke applications.

Flexible Solar Technologies

Innovations in cutting edge photovoltaic technology will enable energy generation from sunlight via solar panels that are thin, lightweight and flexible. Flexible photovoltaic technology will allow designers and architects to integrate solar energy into almost any surface, curved or straight, within the built environment, including lighting and fabrics. CPI is collaborating with some of the country’s leading experts to help commercialise these emerging photovoltaic technologies.

Intelligent Sensing

CPI has extensive expertise in the latest sensing technology. Innovative sensors are enhancing control and performance of facilities management; multifunctional sensors can be used to monitor performance variables such as temperature, and to measure structural integrity.

CPI is working collaboratively to develop printable electronic tags and labels that can register, process and provide information on the events that building components are exposed to during their manufacture and their subsequent functional lifetime post construction.