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Sustainable Power

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Sustainable Power

  • Second generation biofuels
  • Flexible solar technologies

Second Generation Biofuels

The efficiency of jet engines is continuously improving, and aircraft are more aerodynamic and lighter than ever before, yet the industry is still heavily dependent on petroleum based fuels. The development of bio-based fuels as an alternative to conventional fuels is essential for the longer term sustainability of the aerospace sector, and for achieving the industry’s cost and emission reduction targets.

CPI is actively engaged in helping a number of private and public sector partners demonstrate energy efficient, second generation biofuels made from waste streams and other sustainable feed stocks such as algae, which can be grown or produced without negatively affecting food supplies or using fresh water and arable land resources. It is possible for these sustainable alternative fuels to be integrated into the existing supply chain by blending with current fuels, without the need for large scale infrastructure reform.

The adoption of biofuels offers the aviation industry a real opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuels, whilst offsetting the commercial risks associated with oil price fluctuations and security of supply. By working with CPI companies can de-risk development or adoption of biofuels, to better understand how a new product or process would perform commercially before market deployment.

Commercialisation: 5-10 Years

Flexible Solar Technologies

Innovations in third generation photovoltaic technologies will enable the harvesting of energy from the sun’s rays via solar panels that are thin, lightweight and flexible. CPI is collaborating with some of the country’s leading companies with expertise in this area, to help commercialise these emerging photovoltaic technologies. The implementation of lightweight flexible solar panels into the wings and fuselage of aircraft is expected to be a key development within the aviation sector in the none too distant future.

Commercialisation: 5-10 Years