Hardtech Funding: Maximising your potential

Navigating the funding and finance landscape can be challenging. Moreover, navigating that landscape as a hardware or life science start-up can feel more difficult still. With any start-up, the right advice and a supportive community can make an instrumental difference to your journey, but who and what could make the difference as a hardtech start-up?

The Innovation SuperNetwork (ISN) and CPI Enterprises (the investor engagement and ventures arm of CPI) have joined forces to provide practical tips and advice on preparing your business for investment and tapping in to the right support network to help you secure the funding you need. Whether you’re deliberating on ways to improve your cash flow or raising private investment, this session will provide insights to help improve your outcomes.

In this webinar, we talked about:

  1. Considerations for hardtech companies
  2. Funding and Finance 101
  3. Regional Support (including ISN)
  4. Innovation Assets and Private Investment (including CPI and CPI Enterprises)
  5. Company Case Study.

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