Funding and finance

Financial support to drive forward innovation for small and medium sized business and projects.

Financial help at the right time

Our range of services are tailored to different stages of your business.

Bid and grant application support

Support to secure public funding

Private Investment for high growth companies

Secure public funding

With over £150 million secured across almost 200 joint projects, we've gained valuable insight into what makes grant applications successful for a range of regional, UK-wide and European bodies.

Grant applications

We can identify suitable funding and support you to refine your value proposition and financial plan. Through our vast innovation network, we can introduce you to other partners who can add value.

Private Investment

With a growing network of private investors, we are able to facilitate introductions for high potential growth companies working with CPI allowing you to bring on board the right type of investment for your business.

Let's innovate together

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CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.