RNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Conference – London 2024

RNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Conference – London 2024

Wed, 02 Oct 2024

Event Details

Start Date
Wed, 02 Oct 2024 09:00
End Date
Thu, 03 Oct 2024 17:30
The Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE
£540 (Early bird and student subsidy available)
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Returning for a second year in 2024, the RNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Conference will focus on the most recent developments in the rapidly evolving science of encoded RNA medicines

Hosted by CPI, Imperial College London, and The BioIndustry Association (BIA), this 2‑day event will bring together a diverse range of experts from academia, biotech, pharma, and governmental and non-governmental agencies with a mix of invited and abstract selected speakers together with poster sessions. 

Through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, including interactive panel discussions, we will explore the challenges and opportunities involved in developing and delivering the next generation of RNA medicines.

The agenda will cover the design, development, formulation, analytics, manufacturing scale-up and distribution of next-generation RNA vaccines and therapies.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to share your own work and learn from leading industry experts, share ideas, and build new connections within this rapidly advancing field.

This year we will offer a limited number of early bird tickets for £420. Student subsidies are also available. 

We accept both credit/​debit card purchases as well as paying via purchase order. To arrange the latter, please contact us.

Tickets are available now.

Quick-fire pitches!

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We are inviting companies to give a short 5 minute pitch on a produce or process that is unique and disruptive for the RNA industry. This could include new equipment, materials or assays. We have 9 sessions available and to be considered we’d need a short description of the product/​process, and an overview of why it is innovative.

To submit your quick-fire pitch, simply fill out our short form.

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RNA pre-meeting, provided by Wellcome Leap

Our partners at Wellcome Leap will be holding a free one-day pre-meeting session at the same venue. If you are interested in joining this session, please notify us on the sign-up form.

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