Mag Test Suite

  • Schwarzbeck 5Hz – 500kHz 500W amplifier and compensation network
  • Schwarzbeck HHS 5204 – 12 Helmholtz Coil
  • Schwarzbeck CP 9610 Calibrated Current
  • Schwarzbeck FESP 5133 – 7/41 calibrated 10Hz-200kHz magnetic field monitoring loop
  • Chroma 12061 DVM
  • TOE7761 Arbitrary function Generator

The MagTest suit allows testing of device susceptibility to strong magnetic fields. The MagTest can be programmed to provide AC magnetic fields from 100Hz to 1kHz at magnetic field strengths up to 1.5 kA/​m, 100A/​m at 15kHz and 10A/​m at 200KHz. This range covers the Power Frequency Magnetic Field” test profile curves for Automotive, Medical devices (IEC 61000 – 48), Active implantable Medical devices IEC 14117:2012 and also Military standard MIL-STD 461.

The system allows magnetic test curves to be pre-programmed. The MagTest allows calibration of magnetic sensors with full traceability. The Helmholtz coil can also be reconfigured to provide a uniform DC magnetic field.

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