EverBeing C-2 RF Probe Station Microprobe Station

  • EverBeing C‑2 RF Micro Probe Station from Lambda Photometrics with 6 micro-positioned 6GHz RF probes, Dynalight camera and optical microscope

The micro probe station is ideal for characterisation and test of devices ranging from silicon wafers, flex substrates to PCBs. The station has 6 micro positioners allowing RF probes, DC bias probes, and fibre optic probes to be positioned onto the device under test to a resolution of 10microns. The optical microscope and digital camera allow precise positioning of the probes and optical inspection. The micro probe station is fitted into a light proof cupboard to allow electro-optical characterisation. The system can be paired with vector network analysers and IV curve tracers to allow full device characterisation whilst working on devices prior to encapsulation or with basic electrical pad contacts.

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