UK organisations offered a share of £100,000 to develop new critical minerals manufacturing technologies

Funding for UK companies developing advanced technologies for the critical materials supply chain

Competition summary

This competition has now closed.

The programme was for projects that aim to highlight manufacturing technologies to improve aspects of the critical materials supply chain in the UK and India. These projects can target improved extraction or recycling processes for critical materials, alternatives to critical material use, or processes that can reduce a process’s cost or carbon footprint. 

Your project can focus on one or more of the following: 

  • Improved processes in terms of selectivity, carbon footprint, reduced complexity, or reduced cost for: Extraction of metals from ore bodies or mine tailings, Extraction of materials from end-of-life sources (including but not limited to battery black mass / magnets, electronic devices) 
  • Application of existing technologies developed in one application to new market segments in critical materials, for example but not limited to improved separation or extraction processes for rare earth elements 
  • Methods for efficient extraction or recycling of less economically favourable materials for example but not limited to: battery graphite — ability to tailor properties for battery application/​achieve purities > 99%, extraction of metals from tailings with low metal content. 
  • Screening of alternative materials to reduce dependence on critical raw materials. 
  • Early-stage evaluation of processes including Technoeconomic analysis, life cycle assessment, or through use of digital approaches. 

Who can apply for this opportunity?

To lead a project or work alone, your organisation must be a UK registered organisation.

Feasibility studies are within the scope of this opportunity, however, technologies that are currently employed at commercial scale unless solution improves effectiveness or reduces waste/​carbon footprint of the process are out of scope of this opportunity. 

You also must: 

  • request a total amount of funding between £10,000 and £25,000 (either single or collaboratively) 
  • last up to 3 months 
  • carry out project work within the United Kingdom 
  • start the project no later than 5th August 2024 
  • complete the project by 15th November 2024
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