Connecting healthcare through 5G

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Accelerating 5G-connected innovations from concept to bedside

Taking your technology from concept to deployment in healthcare spaces – while ensuring that it is robust and futureproof – can be challenging without the right infrastructure and support.

Whether you’re looking to scale up your prototype or seeking specialist expertise to gain regulatory approval, we can help. Our 5G testbed is a unique environment in which to develop and trial your innovations in a space designed to mirror a real-life hospital environment. CPI also has extensive experience in supporting innovative companies with electronic product development using a wide range of novel technologies. By drawing on our networks in the healthcare and innovation ecosystem, our experts can support you on the path from growing your idea to implementing your technology.

Why 5G matters for Healthcare?

The global 5G in healthcare market size is expected to grow by 34.5% (CAGR) through to 2030.

Demand for telemedicine is growing, with 54% of patients with chronic diseases now accepting remote healthcare.

The NHS has around 55 million primary care records in the UK, fragmented across many systems.

Creating a smart healthcare ecosystem

Enhancing healthcare systems with smart technologies hinges on developing consistent, secure, and seamless connections for numerous interconnected devices in the ecosystem. Yet barriers such as lack of infrastructure, risk management support, and limited access to expertise needed to gain regulatory approval are hindering the development of 5G-enabled devices. 

Despite enthusiasm to embrace transformative 5G technology, healthcare decision-makers often have misplaced concerns regarding 5G’s reliability and resilience compared to traditional wired connections. Private 5G networks align with the goals set by the NHS Long Term Plan and respond to the urgent and evolving digital needs of the healthcare landscape. 

A photo of a router for 5G WiFi at our centre where we have a testbed to simulate a Healthcare setting

Accelerating and maximising 5G’s revolutionary impact on healthcare

At CPI, we provide solutions to challenges you may face on the road from concept to deployment in healthcare spaces. Our 5G testbed provides an ideal environment for you to refine and optimize your innovation. With access to our state-of-the-art facilities and expert product development knowledge, we will support you on everything from navigating the challenge of upscaling your production to advising on improving your risk management strategy. 

Our 5G testbed is far more than a technological playground; it provides a fully functioning 5G network, enabling you to rigorously evaluate your novel technology in practical scenarios. 

Through close collaboration with our strategic partners, Boldyn Neyworks and Nokia, we facilitate uninterrupted connectivity and provide expertise on cutting-edge hardware technology. 

By leveraging our facilities, expertise, and network, you can navigate the complexities of healthcare technology development, ultimately contributing to enhancing patient care and transforming the healthcare landscape.

How can CPI help?

  • Advice on utilising private 5G networks

  • Connecting HealthTech SMEs to key clinical and financial stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem

  • Connecting SMEs with potential sources of funding and investment

  • Holistic product design including (mechanical, electronics, firmware, software and biomedical science)

  • Expertise in medical device product development

  • Support in device development and clinical trial preparation

  • Medical device regulatory expertise

  • Embedded electronics design including software in a medical device and Edge Computing

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